Online Fundraising

Are You up For A Challenge?

Through the ADRA Appeal, you have the opportunity to show love to thousands of people doing it tough in Australia and overseas. And your volunteering spirit is vital!


We believe that each person has unique gifts and talents that can be used to shine their light and help raise funds for the ADRA Appeal.


By reaching out to the wider Australian community this October, you can help raise $940,000 needed to provide basic necessities including sufficient, safe and nutritious food to more than 40,000 people across Australia and around the world so that they too can meet their needs and thrive.


So, why not hold a trivia night at church? Or run a collection at your local supermarket? Maybe even organise a car wash in the church car park and invite your neighbours to attend? Or run a dress-up day and invite your work colleagues or school students for a gold coin donation. 


The opportunities are endless and only limited by your willingness to let Christ's love compel you to serve and make amazing things happen!


Every day, with support from people like you, ADRA helps Australians doing it tough. Your support of the ADRA Appeal can help thousands of people in Australia access opportunities that help them improve their own lives and those of others. Through initiatives such as community centres, youth resilience projects, crisis relief, community gardens and women’s refuges, ADRA is helping people to reach their potential and thrive. Thank you!

Jonathan's Story

Jonathon was desperate and broken. His relationship had ended, he was unable to work due to injury, and he was homeless. Along with his three sons, Jonathon lived in an abandoned warehouse which was freezing during winter and boiling hot in summer.


Every night, Jonathon looked for free meals for his little family. When he heard about ADRA’s Vive Café in Melbourne, he didn’t realise how much the café would change his life. Apart from providing meals and basic necessities, Jonathon found what he needed most: hope. “Everyone was so helpful and friendly,” he says.


Now, with his life back on track, Jonathon feels compelled to give back and serve others in need. You can too!

Raised so Far


Your contribution to ADRA will help provide access to resources and create opportunities for thousands of people overseas. By supporting the ADRA Appeal, you can help provide training and support, improve sustainable food sources, promote sustainable economic development, and help men and women work better together. Plus, you’ll be helping ADRA respond when disasters strike around the globe. Thank you for helping people overcome poverty!


The Pickle Sisters' Story

In a hillside village in rural Nepal, a traditionally male-dominated society, a group of three women are making their mark. After entrepreneur training, they started a business making and selling pickles, a traditional Nepalese delicacy. People have nicknamed them ‘The Pickle Sisters’.


“Because we are women, we are often criticised for what we are doing. We are expected to stay home and do housework,” they say.


The Pickle Sisters want to make a difference in their community by teaching their children the importance of equality.


“We used to be very shy and found it hard to speak up. But now we feel confident. We feel like we have found our voice,” the Pickle Sisters say. “We want to inspire other women who are currently limited to housework to become entrepreneurs and run their own enterprises.”